[Interest] windows hdpi support & opengl

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Thu Apr 14 15:52:47 CEST 2016

I'm trying to make Krita work correctly on hi-dpi windows screens 
like the Surface Pro 3 and 4. On OSX with Retina support, I haven't
had complaints, but for Windows there's this bug:


If I enable


as is done in


Users complain that if they enable 150% or 200% display scaling both
the opengl-based and the cpu, qpainter-based canvas are wrong: the
image is also displayed at 150% or 200%.

This is the same image at 100% zoom with scaling:


when the option is disabled as in


All the ui elements are wrong and sometimes even the svg icons
aren't scaled correctly.


Is there a way I can enable the hidpi scaling for the ui elements,
but handle the opengl and qpainter canvas widget on my own? I'm
looking at http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/highdpi.html which explains why
there's no problem on OSX, with the OpenGL canvas enabled, but not
how I can correctly render images on Windows.

Boudewijn Rempt | http://www.krita.org, http://www.valdyas.org

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