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On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 10:00 AM, Jason H <jhihn at gmx.com> wrote:

> I did something like this a long time ago in QML (Before Qt3D, QtQuick 1):
> 1. There is some kind of frame advance, so you set up the animations as
> you want, then you start the animation and render the first frame to an
> image. Then call frame advance and get the next frame, repeat.
> 2. Then use FFMPeg to create the video from the PNG/JPG files.
> A couple of pointers:
> 1. Use a multithreaded image saver. I was Passign QPixmap/QImage to a
> thread for saving to PNG and the compression time was horrendous. Being
> able to tap into all the CPUs scaled linearly. (I was rendering 1920x1080
> about 6 years ago)
> 2. You might have to restrict yourself to a raster painter (if such an
> option still exists)

Thanks Jason.

I'm hoping I can tap into the Qt3D FBO (Sean's suggestion) and pipe the
data directly to ffmpeg (Michael's suggestion) which would avoid all that
I/O.  Hardware encoding would also be nice, but first things first!

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> Goal: generate video with a user-specified resolution, frame rate, &
> container/codec format from an animation in my Qt3D window
> (Disclaimer: I've never worked with video files before!)
> As far as I can tell, Qt doesn't provide a way to generate video files
> directly, so I think I have to write a series of QImages to disk and use
> them to generate a video using ffmpeg.  This seems like it will take a
> large amount of disk space, be pretty heavy on the I/O, and generally be
> slow.  Are there better solutions?
> If I need to do it that way though, I must generate QImages from my
> existing Qt3DCore::QAspectEngine in my QWindow-derived class.  I don't see
> a clear/elegant way to do this.
> I think I need to create an offscreen surface? window? with the correct
> resolution and then somehow render & animate my scene to it, saving
> snapshots as I move the camera.  (I am already using QAbstractAnimation to
> move the camera, so I would use it to grab the snapshots as well.)  Can I
> use the same root entity in multiple QAspectEngines? (i.e. setRootEntity()
> to my root entity in the new offscreen and tell it to render.)
> Has anyone done this before?  Is this even close to the right approach?
> (I'm using straight C++ - no QML.)
> Thanks!
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