[Interest] [Qt][Qml] Using OpenGL CoreProfile status

Jérôme Godbout jerome at bodycad.com
Wed Apr 20 21:43:17 CEST 2016

We have move from 5.2 to 5.5, we are trying to plan to move to OpenGL
CoreProfile and finaly ditch the old CompatiblityProfile.

Normaly I would just test it out, but I have another library that need to
be port too (we are using VL 1.0, which doesn't play well with CoreProfile,
there's a 2.0 branch but it's not there yet.). So I cannot just move our
code base like that.

I would like to known if I should plan much work to move our Qt / Qml
implementation to CoreProfile ?

Controls were still buggy in core profile not so long ago in 5.2 at least,
I wonder if this still the case? is anything else like QmlShader
GraphicalEffect are playing nicely with core profile?

Thanks for your inputs,
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