[Interest] [Qt3d] Does the duration of NumberAnimation update when you change its value?

Ramy Atalla ramitix at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 18:23:31 CEST 2016

Hi,I am trying to do a rotation animation and control the rotation speed by changing the value of the duration, But it doesn't work . My question is it feasible or there another way ?

QQ2.NumberAnimation {    id:wheelanimation     property int carspeed:0    targets: [wheel1Transform , rim1Transform,wheel2Transform , rim2Transform,wheel3Transform ,             rim3Transform,wheel4Transform , rim4Transform]    property: "userAngle"    duration: carspeed    from: 0    to: 360    loops: QQ2.Animation.Infinite    running: true
QQ2.NumberAnimation {    duration: 100    loops: QQ2.Animation.Infinite    target: wheelanimation    property: "carspeed"    from: 0.0    to: 3000    running: true
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