[Interest] Running Qt app in a browser

Tony Rietwyk tony at rightsoft.com.au
Tue Apr 26 04:33:26 CEST 2016

K. Frank said: 

> Hi Larry!
> On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 4:59 PM, Larry Martell <larry.martell at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Is it possible to run a Qt app in a browser? I have googled for this,
> > and found some hits, but none seen like they ever worked out. The most
> > promising seems to be http://wiki.qt.io/Qt_for_Google_Native_Client
> > but the readme link is broken, so that's discouraging. Anyone have any
> > pointers on if this can be done and if so how?
> This doesn't answer your question, but as an aside, there is a
> framework called Wt:
>    https://www.webtoolkit.eu/wt
> Wt shares some of the Qt philosophy -- application code (and the Wt
> is written in C++, it is widget-based, and it uses signals and slots.  I
don't know
> Wt's history, but I think Qt that significantly influenced the design of
> Of course, high-level similarities notwithstanding, the details are
> different.  You couldn't, for example, compile a Qt application into a Wt
> application.
> But if you like Qt and were starting a new web-application development
> project, Wt could make sense, and if you really needed to port a Qt
> application to the web, porting from Qt to Wt would still be a substantive
> port, but the similar philosophy might make the port a little smoother.
> > Thanks!
> Good luck!
> K. Frank

I am currently creating a Wt based web application that reuses many of our
non-GUI Qt based classes.  I works really well based on the prototypes done
so far.  

Theoretically, you could create a QPaintEngine that uses the WPainter
interface to draw GUI objects, but I haven't investigated that. 


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