[Interest] How add libsqlite3.dylib to iOS qmake?

Edward Sutton edward.sutton at subsite.com
Tue Apr 26 16:21:18 CEST 2016

Thanks Jason,

This resolved my link issues.  Now I can work on calling and sending the tracker events.

    # https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/ios/v3/sdk-download#download_sdk

    # platform/ios/xcode/deps/GoogleAnalyticsServicesiOS_3.15/


    # The Google Analytics SDK uses the CoreData and SystemConfiguration frameworks, so you will need to

    # add the following to your application target's linked libraries:

    #        CoreData.framework

    #        SystemConfiguration.framework

    #        libz.dylib

    #        libsqlite3.dylib

    #        libGoogleAnalyticsServices.a

    INCLUDEPATH += $${PWD}/platform/ios/xcode/deps/GoogleAnalyticsServicesiOS_3.15/GoogleAnalytics/Library

    LIBS += -framework CoreData

    LIBS += -framework SystemConfiguration

    # libsqlite.dylib and libz.dylib

    LIBS += -lsqlite3

    LIBS += -lz

    LIBS += -lGoogleAnalyticsServices

    LIBS += -L$${PWD}/platform/ios/xcode/deps/GoogleAnalyticsServicesiOS_3.15/


On Apr 26, 2016, at 9:17 AM, Jason H <jhihn at gmx.com<mailto:jhihn at gmx.com>> wrote:

I don't think you (iOS/Qt) can. I think iOS has always been static, until recently, but the Qt build process improvements to allow dynlib hasn't been released yet. I think it's coming in 5.7.

I think it should work as a .a

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Subject: [Interest] How add libsqlite3.dylib to iOS qmake?
How do you add a dylib to an iOS qmake file?

I am trying to add Google Analytics support to my Qt iOS app.  I need to add the following dependencies to qmake:

  *   ligGoogleAnalyticsServices.a
  *   CoreData.framework
  *   SystemConfiguration.framework
  *   libz.dylib
  *   libsqlite3.dylib

So far my qmake looks like this:

iOS {

    INCLUDEPATH += $${PWD}/platform/ios/xcode/deps/GoogleAnalyticsServicesiOS_3.15/GoogleAnalytics/Library

    LIBS += -framework CoreData

    LIBS += -framework SystemConfiguration

    LIBS += -lGoogleAnalyticsServices

    LIBS += -L$${PWD}/platform/ios/xcode/deps/GoogleAnalyticsServicesiOS_3.15/

    # How do you add a dylib?

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