[Interest] Performance improvement using Qt Quick Compiler

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Tue Apr 5 13:52:28 CEST 2016


Hello, I'm creating an application that must be able to manage
effectively a lot of panels/dialogs (500 and more) and in this moment
I'm focusing in performance problems using Qt.createComponent and
Qt.createObject APIs. In particular I'm investigating if the use of Qt
Quick Compiler can improve performance in panels/dialogs creation. 

investigate this topic I have developed, using Qt 5.5 Enterprise
Edition, a simple test program that in a for loop invokes the
Qt.createComponent() and the Qt.createObject() foreach panel/dialog to

for(var i=0 ; i< 500; i++)
var qmlFile =
"qrc:/qml/DTSControlPanel_"+ i + ".qml"
panels[i] =

and subsequently 

for(var i=0 ; i<
panels.length; i++)
panels[i].createObject(appWindow, {"x":
startX, "y": startY});

This code has been compiled with and without
Qt Quick Compiler and executed to get performance data.
The results are,
for my understanding, a little bit strange. In fact contrary to my
expectations the application built with Qt Quick Compiler is less
performant than the one compiled without Qt Quick Compiler. 

Can anyone
suggest to me a possible explanation of this behaviour? 

Many thanks. 

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