[Interest] Shadow Mapping using QOpenGLFramebufferObject

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Mon Feb 1 19:14:43 CET 2016

Il 01/02/2016 16:09, Prashanth Udupa ha scritto:
> Can someone please point to me where I am going wrong please?

The call "m_shadowFBO->texture();" will not return the depth texture 
that you need for shadow mapping, but the (useless) color texture that 
your QOpenGLFramebufferObject contains. There's currently no accessor 
for the depth texture, nor a way to create a QOGLFBO without a color 
texture. For this kind of usages it would be better if you roll out your 
own FBO class :\

(5.6 (finally!) introduces support for MRT in QOGLFBO, limited to color 
textures. In general, QOGLFBO is very limited and needs some love in 
terms of generalising its API to "modern" FBO usages. I've got a sketch 
of a QOGLFBOv2, but that's too long to write it in this small margin -- 
we ought start discussing how to properly develop the OpenGL helpers in 
QtGui in the post GL-ES2 world, possibly in a playground module.) </ot>

Hope this helps,
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