[Interest] font.pixelSize vs height?

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Height and fontPixelSize is not related in any way as far as I know.
Height is just the height of the bounding box for the text.

Also, you do get the real font.pixelSize when asking telephone. It's set to that in your component, but not overridden in your instantiation.


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I'm trying to use these two interchangeably, but they are not.

With Text, there is a fontSizeMode property. I use this in my own Text replacement called styled VFitText:

StyledText { // StyledText just sets the font.family and font.weight
	fontSizeMode: Text.VerticalFit
	font.pixelSize: 576
	width: contentWidth

The problem comes when I have to wrap text:

property int fontPixelSize: 20 

VFitText { // not wrapped
	property string number: telephone ? telephone : ''
	text: '<a href="tel:'+number+'">'+number+'</a>'
	onLinkActivated: Qt.openUrlExternally(link)
	height: fontPixelSize  // HEIGHT is fontPixelSize
	width: parent.width
VFitText { //wrapped, smaller than telephone?
	text: hours ? hours : ''
	font.pixelSize: fontPixelSize // I'd have thought this is the same as height?
	height: hours ? contentHeight : 0
	wrapMode: Text.WordWrap // wrapping, I can't set height here, because I need to take the next line
	width: parent.width

However because of the implementation of fontSizeMode, I cannot find out what is the actual size used. If I ask telephone what font.pixelSize is, it tells me 576.

How can I get the real font.pixelSize of the telephone text so that they come out the same?
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