[Interest] [android] check and set authorizations on android 6

maitai maitai at virtual-winds.org
Mon Jul 4 20:59:29 CEST 2016


In android 6 a user should accept permissions on the fly. Lot of 
literature about that on internet.

After some struggling I managed to get this working in Java/Qt, and the 
user is duly prompted to accept or refuse WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE in my 

The user accepts, but still I don't have the right to create a folder or 
a file on the sdcard. If I restart the app, it's all ok, and I ended up 
doing a restart programmatically, quite sadly indeed.

So my problem is that it seems that qt loads some write-permissions at 
the launch, and even if these permissions change qt is not notified, and 
you have to restart the app to get it working, although the system is 
reporting granted_permission at that time.

Any clue on that? Should I report a bug?


Philippe Lelong

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