[Interest] Shabby QtQuick Window resize behavior on Windows

Nils Jeisecke jeisecke at saltation.de
Thu Jul 7 16:45:32 CEST 2016

Hi list,

Please have a look at this (stunning) video as an illustration of my issue:


It shows the current (Qt 5.8 / dev) application window resize behavior
of a QtQuick based application (gallery example) vs. a QtWidget
(mainwindow example) based one.

This is on Windows7 with ANGLE. The screen capture was done with
Windows running inside VMWare Fusion, but the effect is just as bad on
a native Windows notebook with some average Intel mobile graphic

On OS X resizing is much smoother, apart from some flicker now and
then. Haven’t checked X11.

Is there any hope for improvement?


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