[Interest] Help with Qt 5.6.1-1 32-bit build errors

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Thu Jul 7 18:06:57 CEST 2016

07.07.2016, 18:57, "Bob Hood" <bhood2 at comcast.net>:
> I'm trying to build Qt 5.6.1-1 32-bit licensed static using Visual Studio 2013.  I am configuring with the following command:
>> configure -commercial -confirm-license -static -prefix Q:\Qt\5.6.1\32_static -mp -release -nomake examples -no-qml-debug -no-compile-examples -nomake tests -opengl desktop
> I have successfully built 64-bit versions, static and DLL, licensed and open source, with similar config commands just prior to attempting the 32-bit builds.  At some point in the 32-bit build, I'm getting:
>> LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'D:\Qt\build\32_static\qtimageformats\plugins\imageformats\qwebp.lib'
> I read that the webkit had been removed from the 5.6 distribution (I'm using the source tarballs), but it looks like there's some kind of dependency upon it anyway.

How did you infer that QtWebKit is involved here? qwebp.lib is WebP imageformat plugin.

>  I configured the 64-bit builds with ICU, but I did not with 32-bit because we don't want the webkit builds in the 32-bit static.

FYI, since 5.6.1 it is possible to build QtWebKit against Qt configured without ICU (though you still need ICU itself to build it).

>  I tried adding the '-skip qtwebkit' command (which works fine for prior Qt versions), but then I get the different build error:
>> Attempting to skip non-existent module qtwebkit.
>> Error: File Makefile doesn't exist.
> Removing '-skip qtwebkit' from the config line leads me to the link error with the image format plug-in.
> Do I now need to provide ICU to the 32-bit builds even though we aren't building the webkit module, or is there some new means of disabling the webkit as part of that type of build?  I'd appreciate any insights here.
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