[Interest] Utilizing the GPU, how to start?

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> Long story: let me take us back 8 years.

8 years already? wow... 

> [...]
> So what you want isn't QWidget with OpenGL support. We've proven it
> won't work. What you want is a powerful, Scene Graph-based set of
> widgets with native look and feel (that is Qt Quick Controls).

That set of widgets could be called "QWidget". From a pure user's (the "user" here being a developer) perspective, 
whether his (q)widgets-based UI is drawn in an "imperative" way or in a "scene-graph" way is mostly irrelevent.
It becomes relevent only when there are visual glitches or performances issues.

Need to get rid of QPainter to gain performance? fine! perfect! :-) But no need to invent a new language, a new
framework, a new API... 

Besides, after so many years, QtQuickControls are still way behind QWidgets in term of functionality.
> You're probably also asking for a C++ API instead of a QML one.

+1 definitely!

Yves Bailly
Software Architect

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