[Interest] Build fail and OpenGL

Michael R Nelson mnelson at sutron.com
Fri Jul 15 14:25:03 CEST 2016


Trying to build Qt 5.6.1-2 for Colibri VF61, which has no hardware acceleration.

configure -prefix c:\Qt\5.6\vf61 -platform win32-msvc2013 -xplatform wince80colibri-armv7-msvc2012 -nomake tests -nomake examples -commercial -confirm-license -release

Build (nmake) fails on OpenGL:

        cl -c -FIqt_gui_pch.h -Yuqt_gui_pch.h -Fp.pch\release\Qt5Gui_pch.pch -nologo -Zm200 -Zc:wchar_t- -O2 -MT -EHs-c- -GR -W3 -w34100 -w34189 -DUND
rc\qtbase\src\gui -I. -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\src\3rdparty\libpng -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\src\3rdparty\zlib -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\src\3rdparty\harfbuzz
-ng\include -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\src\3rdparty\zlib -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\include -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\include\QtGui -I..\..\include -I..\..\inclu
de\QtGui -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\include\QtGui\5.6.1 -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\include\QtGui\5.6.1\QtGui -Itmp -I/include -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\include\Q
tCore\5.6.1 -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\include\QtCore\5.6.1\QtCore -IC:\Qt\5.6\Src\qtbase\include\QtCore -I..\..\include\QtCore -I.moc\release -IC:\Qt\5.6
\Src\qtbase\mkspecs\wince80colibri-armv7-msvc2012 -Fo.obj\release\ @C:\Users\MNELSO~1.WOR\AppData\Local\Temp\nmAE05.tmp
c:\qt\5.6\src\qtbase\include\qtgui\../../src/gui/opengl/qopengles2ext.h(22) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'GLint64'

Can someone help me understand why the build fails? Is it because I've not properly addressed lack of hardware acceleration somehow? Is there a configure option I need to specify to address this point?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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