[Interest] How do I get two indepentend radio button groups with QtCreator?

Joerg Desch news at jdesch.de
Fri Jul 22 07:00:17 CEST 2016

I don't know why the authentication mail from gmane.org has delayed so 
long, but I've got the mail this morning. In the meanwhile, I've solved 
my problem.

The reason for the "failure" was a problem of Qt Creator with the build. 
For some unknown reasons, neither a "clean build" nor the deletion of the 
build directory leads to a working dialog.

After cleaning all stuff, I've tried a build the application using qmake 
and make on the command line and..... unbelievable... the two groups work 
(with QButtonGroup) as expected.

After this, I opened Qt Creator again and now the rebuild here is working 
too. Hmmmm.... Not really lucky with that...

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