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Volker Siepmann volker.siepmann at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 15:17:56 CEST 2016

My aim is to integrate a help system into my (py)qt application. I can
assemble the required help files and understand that part. I had a closer
look at QAssistantClient. In terms of functionality, this is what I need,
but I dislike being dependent on external programs (when deploying
software), which would be the assistant. Furthermore, I read that that this
approach is deprecated:

Using the recommended QHelp module instead, it looks promising, but even
Mr. Google as little help to offer it seems.

1. Do I understand correct that so far, there is no top-top-level class
like the QAssistantClient? (Basically: (i) instantiate with help file
assembly and (ii) call "show page" from main application to show help
window with appropriate content and possibility for the user to browse on).
2. Do I need to use QHelpEngine and the widgets provided by it?
3. Has any merciful programmer already done that job to provide a
ready-make help system with search, index, and table of contents? (Well
this is particular one is actually a pyqt question as I cannot utilise it
if it is only c++ -- still, given the source code, I could port it of

With best regards / Volker
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