[Interest] Qt3D not deleting buffers

Sean Harmer sh at theharmers.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 13:57:58 CEST 2016


could you file a JIRA please ideally along with a small test case that 
reproduces the issue.

Many thanks!


On Monday 03 October 2016 13:40:36 Juan José Casafranca wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm posting to act some questions about Qt3D.
> I'm trying to show some information for my program. This information consist
> on a regular grid (I'm painting the lines that define the voxels), a
> distance map (in each voxel vertex I store a distance value) and the
> sources for the distance (zones where distance is 0)
> The software supports resizing the grid or changing the sources so the views
> must be updated accordingly. To achieve that, I emit a signal when a change
> in the distance or the grid is done and connect that signal to a slot that
> performs the scene preparation. It isn't the best solution but for now is
> enough.
> The scene preparation slots cleans the previously allocated scene
> (m_rootEntity->deleteLater()) and reconstructs the scene.
> The reconstruction generates the geometry data for the different things I
> want to view, creates the renderer and the materials and adds this
> components to different entities. Finally, this entities are added to the
> root entity.
> To reduce code paths, the first view also performs this steps (removes the
> previously scene, which is null) and creates the new one. This works well.
> My problem is when trying to delete an existing scene. I have been debugging
> with gDEBugger and I have seen that buffers are not deleted (I imagine that
> VAO are also kept) though the buffers are constructed with the geometry as
> parent, and the geometry es an entity children (the entity is delete when I
> delete m_rootEntity).
> After 2 or 3 remeshing steps, the screen goes black and I cant see any
> information.
> I'm using the Qt3D version shipped with Qt 5.7.
> Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I can provide some code if you ask for it,
> but as the software I'm developing is big, I prefer to show the code when
> you ask for it, so I don't fill this question with a lot of code that
> wouldn't be necessary.
> Thanks!
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