[Interest] [Qt Connectivity] Bluetooth state is not a HostPoweredOff on Android when turning it off

Oleg Evseev ev.mipt at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 22:21:42 CEST 2017


I'm working with bluetooth on android. Handling bluetoothLocalDevice
hostModeStateChanged signal I get HostConnectable on one tablet (Android
5.1) and HostDiscoverable on another phone (Android 4.4.4) when I *turn off*
(!) bluetooth in system.
And no signals when I turn bluetooth on in system (and sometimes for
turning on too).

As I see in qt connectivity source code this status is based on android
scan mode and constants are correct:

        switch (scanMode) {
        case 20:     // BluetoothAdapter.SCAN_MODE_NONE
            return HostPoweredOff;
        case 21:     // BluetoothAdapter.SCAN_MODE_CONNECTABLE
            return HostConnectable;
        case 23:     // BluetoothAdapter.SCAN_MODE_CONNECTABLE_DISCOVERABLE
            return HostDiscoverable;

So it seems to be an android bug, but I haven't found any relevant problems
with android, so I wonder may this be an qt bug?

Thanks in advance for help.

With regards, Oleg
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