[Interest] VS2017 and Qt 5.9 WebEngine

Oliver Niebuhr googleersatz at oliverniebuhr.de
Thu Apr 6 13:54:32 CEST 2017


After Qt 5.9 and QtWebEngine got official Support for VS2017, I created
a BR for a long known Problem (VS 2017 Env Variable Issue,

I have tried a couple of things and possible Patches mentioned and
linked in the above BR. No Luck yet. So I wonder if there is something
else I forgot to install. Maybe a Package in VS2017. If anyone has been
lucky and got QtWebEngine 5.9 to work with VS2017: What other Package do
you have installed? I would love to hear from you :)

This my current System Info:
OS: Windows 10, Anniversary Update, latest Patch, x64
VS2017 Version: 15.1.26403.0 (just updated - first compilation test with
'vs2017_install' Variable set is currently running).
Installed / Updated Packages:

* Static Analysis Tools
* Text Template Transformation
* C# and VB Rosly Compilers
* MS Build
* Standard Library Modules
* VC++ 2017 v141 Toolset x86 and x64
* Visual C++ Runtime for UWP
* Visual C++ Tools for CMake
* Windows Universal CRT SDK
* C++ Profiling Tools
* Just-In-Time Debugger
* Visual C++ Core Features (Of course...)
* Graphics Debugger and Profiler for DirectX
* Graphics Tools Windows 8.1 SDK (for DirectX9 Support)
* MFC and ATL Support x86 and x64
* Visual C++ ATL Support
* Windows 10 SDK 14393 x86 and x64
* Windows 10 SDK 14393
* Windows 8.1 SDK
* Windows Universal C Runtime
New today:
* Windows 10 SDK 15063 Desktop C++ x86 and x64
* Windows 10 SDK 15063 UWP C++

Note 1: When starting the Developer Command Console, I set the Target
Windows SDK Version specifically.
Note 2: There is no .NET Version installed since I clean reinstalled
VS2017. I dont think it wont change anything!?
Note 3: Other Tools used: Jom 1.1.2, Python 2.7.13, ICU 58.2, OpenSSL
1.0.2 (regular fresh Builds from Git Branch), Qt 5.9 (always up2date
from Git Branch).
Note 4: I had VS2015 Update 3.1 uninstalled to make sure nothing
interferes (ran the unofficial "VS Uninstaller Tool"). VS 2015 Update
3.1 is now installed again.

Sorry for the Wall of Text and thank you for your time! :)

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