[Interest] Qt3D memory leaks

Igor Mironchik igor.mironchik at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 21:20:15 CEST 2017


> The entity takes ownership of any components that are parentless when 
> added. This is done using the usual QObject ownership mechanism so the 
> components will be deleted by the entity when it is being destroyed 
> just like any other QObject parent. There may be a leaks elsewhere but 
> I don't think this is it. There were some leaks related to VAOs fixed 
> around the time of the 5.8.0 release. I can't recall if they made it 
> into 5.8.0 or not off the top of my head. Please try with a build from 
> the 5.9 branch in git.

I will try to build Qt 5.9 and check 3Dtree with it.

And sorry guys for the noise... :)

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