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14.04.2017 10:22, Thiago Macieira пишет:
> Em quinta-feira, 13 de abril de 2017, às 21:32:26 PDT, Igor Mironchik
> escreveu:
>> Hello,
>> Qt 5.9 official binaries requires QMAKE_MSC_VER on project load.
>> Is it normal? Should I specify QMAKE_MSC_VER by hands?
> Delete all your Makefiles and .qmake.* files in your build dir. In fact, delete
> your build dir and run qmake again.

I'm sorry, probably I was not clear. I installed Qt 5.9 Beta with Online 
Installer. Launch QtCreator with one project and configure build to work 
with Qt 5.9. On qmake stage QtCreator said:

Running Windows Runtime device detection.

No winrtrunner.exe found.

Project ERROR: msvc-version.conf loaded but QMAKE_MSC_VER isn't set

I don't build Qt 5.9 my own, I use ready binaries.

To workaround it I modified 
Qt\5.9\msvc2015\mkspecs\common\msvc-version.conf and added on the top:


I guess that this is problem of the installation of Qt 5.9.

Is it so?

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