[Interest] Doc Snapshot is not Snapshot

Kai Koehne Kai.Koehne at qt.io
Wed Apr 19 15:04:27 CEST 2017

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> Subject: [Interest] Doc Snapshot is not Snapshot
> For example, QtIFW documentation:
> http://doc-snapshots.qt.io/qtifw-master/index.html
> This documentation is outdated and does not correspond to the source code
> repository 'master' branch.

The snapshots should be automatically updated, but it seems that this is currently broken; I've notified the doc people. In general, feel free to create bug reports if this happens, or talk to them on IRC (#qt-documentation channel on freenode).

Meanwhile there's a 3.0 snapshot now: http://doc-snapshots.qt.io/qtifw-3.0/index.html



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