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There were quite many people who expressed interest a few months ago to help in making the releases, so hopefully we get a lot of suggestions to better engage with the whole community for testing the releases.

Quite many are testing new Qt versions with their applications and reporting issues via bugreports. This is really valuable and we hope that with the new process of multiple betas available via the online installer this testing becomes even easier.

In addition we would like to have people to test new releases for wider functionality than just what their app needs. Optimally all, but that is of course not possible in practice.

We have automatic testing in place with quite good coverage, but in order to catch all the needed issues manual testing is still beneficial. This is what Jani is asking volunteers to help with.

The sooner we find issues to fix, the better. So time for testing is now.


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Hi all,

There is now wiki page for reporting testing effort and results in https://wiki.qt.io/Qt59_release_testing . I also asked you all to take a tour for Qt 5.9 beta2 & report the effort via it. As you can see there isn't really any reports from community yet. It would be really beneficial for Qt to get packages tested early enough & find all release blockers well before official release. That would help us to keep the schedules and improve the release quality. So do you have some ideas how to get you all better involved to this? Is wiki page & table easy enough for this or should we use some other format? Getting you involved to this more will help us to do more patch level releases in the future as well (which has been the hot topic during this spring)...


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