[Interest] Adding icons to android action bar

Robert Iakobashvili coroberti at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 14:33:39 CEST 2017

On Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 2:57 PM, Nikos Chantziaras <realnc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there a way to add action icons to the Android action bar?
> I'm using QMainWindow and QMenuBar (so QWidgets, not QML). QMenuBar doesn't
> have any options for this. I tried QMainWindow::addToolBar(), but the tool
> bar appears below the action bar.
> The action bar only has the three vertical "..." dots in it. Isn't there a
> way to populate it with anything more useful?

Hi Nicos,
It seems that you need to use JNI or build-in Qt QAndroidJniObject to
call something like this
in your Java file.

public boolean setAppBarTitle(String theNewTitle) {

        final String theFinalTitle = theNewTitle;

        m_qtActivityInstance.runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {
            public void run()
                //Log.d(TAG, "::setAppBarTitle - prior to setAppBarTitle");

        return true;

Kind regards,

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