[Interest] QtQuick apps cause the MacBook Pro to use power hungry GPU

boza111 boza111 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 15:47:40 CEST 2017

Hello all,

All QtQuick apps cause the MacBook Pro (MBP) to switch to the discrete GPU.

Setting nssupportsautomaticgraphicsswitching to yes does nothing. QtCreator
5.9.1 has this switch also set to yes, but the app also launches with the
discrete GPU.

The above switch is used for apps that call upon OpenGL. If the switch is
not used OpenGL will force the use of the discrete GPU. The above switch
works for the old Qt widgets but not Qt Quick!

This bug affects all MBPs with a discrete GPU (AMD or Nvidia). The discrete
GPU is usually only used during more demanding graphical tasks such as
video/photo editing, 3D gaming and anything that requires much more power.

The Intel GPU is used during normal operation. This saves battery life and
the laptop runs a lot quieter and cooler.

This was tested on a 2011 MBP. But people with much more recent models such
as the 2016 MBP complain about this issue often.

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