[Interest] Can't get the iOS IAP process to work using the Qt QML Purchasing API.

Lawrence Clague larryclague at cox.net
Sat Aug 12 00:52:11 CEST 2017

I have been unable to get the iOS IAP process to work using the Qt QML Purchasing API.

Has anyone using Qt as their IDE been able to successfully make either a test or real purchase using iTunes TestFlight or the Sandbox?  If so how did you accomplish this?

At a total loss for iOS.  Android works fine.


On the Xcode Capabilities tab..the In-App Purchase toggle is set to “ON”

In-App purchases are defined in iTunes Connect.

In the iTunes Connect interface..

If I select MyApp then select Features to show the In-App products..

All the “In-App Purchases” items shows…Status = Ready to Submit

If I select the In-App item..I get a new page showing the following..

In-App Purchases > SomeItem

Ready to Submit

The box “Cleared for Sale” is checked

There is no way that I have found to “enable” the “Submit For Review” button.

Qt documentation says ”The first time your App makes a request to the sandbox App Store it will request that you login. This is where you should log in using your iTunes test user credentials.”

Apple docs say you must sign out of your iTunes account on your test device.  I have signed out of the iTunes App Store on my test device.

When I run the app in TestFlight, or the Sandbox via Xcode or from Qt Creator, I have never been ask to log in to the Sandbox Store.

I have tried to purchase in-app items running the app through Testfilght and the purchase does not work.

I have tried the purchase in-app items through Xcode/Sandbox and the purchase does not work.

I have tried the purchase in-app items though Qt Creator/Sandbox and the purchase does not work.

***App Output

Defining the item in the Qt QML “store” at run-time and waiting for the onStatusChanged signal..

QML defines the “App Store” and all the For Sale Items.  The item “identifier” used in the Qt QML Store is the same as the Product ID listed in the iTunes Connect > Features > InApp Purchases page.

Program output..

qml: ProductUnlockable::PendingRegistration:  item.u.filters

qml: ProductUnlockable::PendingRegistration:  item.u.change

qml: ProductUnlockable::PendingRegistration:  item.u.access

qml: AppMain:: AppStore::onCompleted:

qml: ProductUnlockable::onCompleted:  item.u.filters

qml: ProductUnlockable::onCompleted:  item.u.change

qml: ProductUnlockable::onCompleted:  item.u.access

***Replies from Apple for confirmation that the item is or should be available in iTunes/Sandbox store for purchase..

They should all generate Product.Registered signals, but instead all receive Product.Unknown signals

qml: ***ProductUnlockable::Unknown::not found in the market place: item.u.change

qml: ***ProductUnlockable::Unknown::not found in the market place: item.u.filters

qml: ***ProductUnlockable::Unknown::not found in the market place: item.u.access


What am I missing or doing wrong??

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