[Interest] QtRO Http transport layer

Stottlemyer, Brett (B.S.) bstottle at ford.com
Fri Aug 18 15:49:19 CEST 2017

On 8/9/17, 8:45 AM, "Interest on behalf of Houssem GHIAT" <interest-bounces+bstottle=ford.com at qt-project.org on behalf of ghiat.houssem at gmail.com> wrote:

    Actually I am using QtRO module in a distributed service like application, where what I call a service is a QObject remoted over the network using QtRO.
    As far as I know QtRO support only TCP protocol without SSL. I want to implement HTTP protocol in QtRO. In order to do that I want some guidance on where to start digging in QtRO code.

QtRO has an abstraction for different QIODevice backends, and currently supports QLocalSocket/Server, QTcpSocket/Server and a custom QNX backend.  If you look in src/remoteobjects/qconnection_tcp* code, that should give you a good idea how to proceed.

I’d recommend also looking at tests/auto/integration and tests/auto/integration/tcp for the tests that would need to pass for a new backend.

Hope that help,

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