[Interest] 32bits builds on 64bits Linux platform

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Sat Aug 26 10:03:20 CEST 2017

On 26 August 2017 at 14:27, Oliver Niebuhr
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> Am 26.08.2017 um 03:26 schrieb Christian Gagneraud:
>> Hi there,
>> I have an application that requires a 32 bits version of Qt-5.6 and
>> fixing the 32 vs 64 bits issues of this app is not option at this
>> stage.
>> So I need to build Qt-6.6 in 32 bits mode on a 64 bits Linux platfrom,
>> and then i need to build and run my 32 bits app on the same 64 bits
>> Linux platform against this 32 bits Qt-5.6.
>> Is it possible to to build 32 bits Qt on 64 bits platform? Has anyone
>> manage to do that? Any advice, tips or tricks to share?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Chris
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> Good Morning.

Good evening,

> Yes it is possible. To build 32-Bit Binaries and Libs on a 64-Bit OS,
> you must install the "Multilib" Version of the Compiler and the used
> Dev-Packages. So in example for the GCC Compiler (G++): Remove the "GCC"
> Package and replace it with "GCC-Multilib" (at least this is the Name
> under Antergos Linux (Arch based). Not sure about other Distros. My main
> OS is still Windows so I am still kind-a noob when it comes to Linux
> Development :)
> Some 32-Bit Libraries (or Package Names to be more precise) are named
> like "lib32-example1". Others like "example2-multilib". Depending on the
> Library itself and your Distribution.
> You propably need to activate the Multilib Repository for your
> Distribution first, if you dont have any 32-Bit Stuff installed yet.
> Qt Configure Parameter for the GCC / G++ Compiler:
> The important Configure Parameter for you (so that Qt tells the
> Compiler to build 32-Bit Binaries etc.) is:
> "/your/qt56/sourcefolder/configure -platform linux-g++-32"
> No Idea about other Distros or Compiler like LLVM/Clang.

Thanks for sharing, i'm running Ubuntu, so it's a bit different. But
yes, one need the multilib stuff and then intall the Qt dependencies
in 32 mode....


> Good Luck :)
> Greetings
> Oliver
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