[Interest] How to contribute

Juan Jose Casafranca jjcasmar at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 11:01:01 CET 2017


I'm trying to do some contributions to a Qt submodule (Qt3D) but I'm
finding some troubles with git, the submodules and the configuration step.

Some weeks ago I initialized the qt repo to the dev branch using the
instructions in https://wiki.qt.io/Building_Qt_5_from_Git.
For my patch, they suggested changing one code line with a new feature that
was added in the dev repo after I initialized it. How should I updated it?
Should I use git submodule update in the qt root folder? Should I use git
pull in the submodule folder?

After the submodules are updateed, should I reconfigure the whole qt

Could someone explain the workflows which is following to do contributions
to a qt submodule?

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