[Interest] QtDesigner needs redesign.

Serge K gourmand at inbox.ru
Thu Jan 5 11:34:32 CET 2017

I just didn't imagine that will take too much time.

>Четверг,  5 января 2017, 10:53 +03:00 от André Somers <andre at familiesomers.nl>:
>While I agree that the current plugin system is not convenient, I
      don't get why you would spend a week with QDialogBox-debugging
      instead of building your own Qt Designer in debug mode and run
      that in a debugger against plugins also build in debug mode?
>Op 04/01/2017 om 15:32 schreef Serge K
      via Interest:
>>Среда, 4 января 2017, 14:39 +03:00 от Jean-Michaël Celerier < jeanmichael.celerier at gmail.com >:
>>>On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 11:58 AM, Viktor
                            Engelmann  < viktor.engelmann at qt.io > wrote:
>>>>Custom components in Qt are just QWidget
                              derivates and they can be taken
>>>>from a designer plugin. This requires some
                              extra code for making them
>>>>findable (+give them an icon and name
                              etc.) and plugins are technically
>>>>shared libraries. This explains very
                              clearly why recompiling a custom
>>>>component requires a restart if we want a
                              perfect preview like in .net,
>>>>but I still think that there is a lot of
                              room for improvement.
>>>Something that would, I think, boost
                              the usage of the designer is to skip the
                              "recompilation" part 
>>>and just have something that scans your
                              code and interprets the C++ instead of
                              compiling it, with 
>>>something like  https://github.com/RuntimeCompiledCPlusPlus/RuntimeCompiledCPlusPlus .
>>>You would just add some metadata to your
                              Widget with Q_CLASSINFO("DesignerName",
                              "My widget"), 
>>>the code looks for classes with this
                              specific key, "compiles" it and adds it to
                              the designer.
>>And how implementation ot this differs from clean rebuild?
            Plugin is a shared library with some specific macros - these
            macros already are related to Designer and nothing else. And
            pluign contains specific C++ code to be supported by
            Designer. Even entire additional class with set of mandatory
            methods needed for each plugin main class. And plugin can
            depend from other files including resources and so on. Which
            one another "compiler" should process this all? Isn't that a
            "micros..t-like-way" to build monstrous and expensive tools?
            OH, NO!
>>Exactly plugin auto reloading feature needed for Designer.
            It is much more simpler and powerful that add just another
            one macro and create another one compiler. But... this
            cannot help with other annoying issue when developing
            plugins. Even Designer custom plugins need to be debugged.
            Now in "designer mode" even qDebug() doesn't work. Nothing
            to say about interactive debugger. It doesn't work for
            plugins loaded to Designer. The only way to debug is -
            include QMessageBox() and hope the QtCreator won't crash.
            Yes... it crashes if Designer plugin contains errors. It
            crashes immediately if you just call QMessageBox() in
            paintEvent() of custom plugin. I developed custom extended
            plugin based on QSlider. It allows load SVG animated images
            for groove and knob and has some other useful features (they
            cannot be implemented using stylesheets). First time when
            running in application it looked very different from when it
            was run in Designer. Yes - application and designed worked
            on different platforms. I killed lot of time (about week) to
            understand why they are different and how I must fix this.
            Without ANY debugging options while plugin runs in Designer.
            I had to explore source code of several Qt internal classes
            to understand how this works. But with normal debugging
            feature I would find solution within minutes.
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