[Interest] Fwd: Qt 5.7+ and Command+Shift shortcuts on Mac

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sat Jan 7 19:33:13 CET 2017

El divendres, 6 de gener de 2017, a les 21:29:13 CET, René J.V. Bertin va 
> On Friday January 06 2017 18:33:01 David Faure wrote:
> > Well, you didn't say either way, so I tried to guess from your
> > description,
> > and guessed wrong.
> No problem, can't be right all the time (and it's Friday night at that) ;)
> > > the shortcut shows up correctly (Command-<) but doesn't work.
> > 
> > ... which brings me back to trying a simple QAction::setShortcut first.
> A bunch of observations already, from a simple test thingy I had lying
> around, and reverting temporarily to Qt 5.6.2 :
> // QKeySequence(Ctrl+Comma) doesn't work probably because normally owned by
> the system; doesn't show either.
>     // shows as Shift-Command-, :
> //     restoreAction->setShortcut(QKeySequence(Qt::CTRL + Qt::SHIFT +
> Qt::Key_Comma)); // shows as Command-< :
> //     restoreAction->setShortcut(QKeySequence(Qt::CTRL + Qt::Key_Less));
>     // shows as Shift-Command-1 :
> //     restoreAction->setShortcut(QKeySequence(Qt::CTRL + Qt::SHIFT +
> Qt::Key_1)); // shows as Command-! :
>     restoreAction->setShortcut(QKeySequence(Qt::CTRL + Qt::Key_Exclam));
> It's probably to expected that Ctrl+Shift+1 is shown as such, and Ctrl+! as
> such too even if Qt could be aware of the kind of keyboard I have
> configured. In this pure Qt code they all work as expected provided I'm not
> trespassing on what is normally a system shortcut like Command+, (open
> Preferences) which doesn't even appear in the menu.
> However:
> - running the application with the XCB QPA still shows the shortcuts but
> none work. the SwapCtrlAndMeta attribute is unset with the XCB plugin, so
> shortcuts should function as on Linux/X11, and with KF5 applications they
> do when.
> - In KF5 applications I have no problem redefining Command+; it will show in
> the menu, but will continue to perform the system action
> - Important: Command+Shift+Letter shortcuts are not concerned, only
> shortcuts that include a "special" symbol which is accessible only under
> the shift.
> - This also applies to Ctrl+Shift+Key shortcuts: Ctrl+! and Ctrl+< are just
> as dead as Command+! and Command+< . In KF5 applications but not in pure
> Qt.
> - Adding some debug print probes in QNSView:keyDown: and QNSView:keyUp: I
> notice the following when defining a keycut with kxmlgui (the
> standard_actions KCM):
> * press Ctrl[+Shift]+key, release key: keyDown event followed by keyUp event
> when I release <key> * press Command[+Shift]+key, release key: only a
> keyDown event, no keyUp event.
> Does kxmlgui shortcut recorder depend on keyUp/keyRelease events? If so, is
> there a way to monitor them (or where would I add a snooper without having
> to rewrite significant parts of unknown code? I'd add probes in Qt 5.6.2
> but no longer have the build directory (and rebuilding would take hours).
> I did reactivate Qt 5.6.2 and all the 5.29.0 frameworks that I had rebuilt
> against 5.7.1 . All frameworks were thus built against 5.6.2 .
> This did NOT restore Command+Shift+Key functionality meaning that this
> particular regression was probably introduced between frameworks 5.27.0 and
> 5.29.0 .
> What does work with 5.6.2 is Ctrl+Shift+Symbol (tested with Ctrl-< in
> Kate5). Going back to Qt 5.6.2 restored the regression. I saved that
> shortcut to the default scheme so I could look at it, for instance:
> <Action name="filetree_show_active_document" shortcut="Meta+,; Ctrl+<"/>
> On Mac/Cocoa this corresponds to main "Ctrl+," and alt. "Command+<" (the
> difference was only to be sure how the comma is stored). The main shortcut
> works, the alternative doesn't. I tried editing this to "Meta+Shift+,;
> Ctrl+Shift+,;", but kxmlgui converts that to to shortcuts "Ctrl+," and
> "Command+<" (sic!). The former works as such, the latter doesn't.
> All in all I'm tempted to say that the regression lies mostly in KF5 and the
> way it interacts with Qt.
> For now I'm converting my crucial concerned shortcuts to Ctrl+Command+Key
> because that works ...

You're a developer, you can reproduce the problem in one version and not in 
another, instead of workarounding the problem you should bisect it until you 
find where it broke.


> R.

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