[Interest] Suppressing Q_ASSERT on release builds

Jani Tykka jtykka at broadsoft.com
Tue Jan 10 14:23:32 CET 2017


I'm trying to suppress Q_ASSERT to trigger assertion from qtwebengine
on release build.

It seems that QT_NO_DEBUG doesn't get defined when 3rd party libraries
are built. Which means that if any 3rd party component includes
qglobal.h will then end up defining Q_ASSERT in a way which is not
desired for release builds.

If I explicitly define precompiler macro during "configure" then that
will be seen by 3rd party components.

I think this is problem in Qt build system. QT_NO_DEBUG should end up
to all components being build. Any thoughts, ideas, experience on this
area? How to get this fixed? Of course I can define QT_NO_DEBUG in
configure, but then in case when I want to build with
--debug-and-release I'd need to make to separate builds to allow
assertions on with debug builds.



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