[Interest] Doubt extending my app functions ability

Ernesto ernestoac at icrt.cu
Thu Jan 12 14:23:42 CET 2017

Hello to everyone,

My name is Ernesto. I am a beginner in Qt programming and I have an 
specifics problems whit my first big project (desktop app). Let me 
explain myself:

I have to include plugins or add-ons to my application for new file 
format types; I looked around QPluginLoader class, Dynamic and Static 
libraries classes to achieve this goal, and here is my problem, in each 
one of this I have to include the header file and the library (or 
plugins) in my project. I have to develop other mini app to create those 
plugins or libraries. So here is _my first problem_, I don´t know how 
many plugins or libraries will be development to include in my app.

Later I think in create a binary file with a standard structure. With 
the file saving and loading, I resolve part of the problem, no matter 
how many plugins will be sequentially loaded, because the app just know 
the defined file structure. And here is _my second problem_; can I save 
in any mode a function (or method) in a binary file?

Here I write an example of my previous explanation:

Let´s call the main app “PluginLoader” and the mini app “PluginCreator”. 
We create through PluginCreator a plugin or libraries for PE format file 
(it´s Portable Executable), it´s contain the structure parts, his 
position and the analyzing methods of PE format. We back to my second 
problem: how PluginCreator can save analyzing methods in a binary file? 
If we create a plugins (with QPluginLoader and PluginInterface) I have 
to include beforehand those plugins (headers files and plugins files) in 
my project file (.pro), how can I included if I don´t know the plugins 
it will be created? And here is my first problem again.

I hope you understand my questions on other hand please email me to 
ernestoac at icrt.cu <mailto:ernestoac at icrt.cu>.

Sorry for my English, Spanish is my native language.



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