[Interest] 5.8.0 QAbstractListModel

Bill Crocker william.crocker at analog.com
Mon Jan 16 19:05:57 CET 2017

>> I do this all of the time and it works fine.
>>      QModelIndex index = createIndex(row,col);
>>      emit dataChanged(index,index);

> Have you tried it under 5.8.0RC?
> It was working under 5.7.1 and before.
> What value for column are you using?
> For AbstractListModel, I was using 0 (zero)

I am at 5.7
Yes, for a List model, col would always be 0.
Per a previous post, are you adding or removing rows.
If so, was that all reported (emitted) so the views know about it.
Models are a pain in the butt in that if you do not
use them correctly, they will silently misbehave
and not necessarily right away.

You should also use the "ModelTest" class to
point out the mistakes that it can.


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