[Interest] Qt 5.8.0 RC build under windows

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Wed Jan 18 08:04:54 CET 2017

Hello, Thiago.

> Did you pass any options related to RTTI to configure?
Already wrote about that in previous message
Build errors with -no-rtti flag and without -no-rtti flag I gave in previous message too

Previously I build Qt without RTTI with no problems. That is why I had RTTI turned off.
I prefer "turn on only if necessary" strategy :)

> Can you share your configure command-line?
Already shared in previous message )

Does anyone know about requirements of using Win10SDK for Qt 5.8.0? Is Win10SDK is really necessary to build Qt even for Win7 or it is bug in Qt build system?

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