[Interest] Qt 5.8.0 RC build under windows

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Fri Jan 20 13:02:19 CET 2017

>> *Telemetry: the config, the resolved locations of libs and headers, compiler
>> and compiler version, modules selected for compile and anything else that
>> could help improve the Qt build experience.

> That's unacceptable for a lot of privacy-minded people and companies, as it
> might divulge information that they don't want shared. Not to mention that
> it's another possible point of failure, for example on build servers without
> Internet connectivity.

People  ... are you seriously discussing telemetry in Qt build system?
We are talking about build system which even does not clearly shows where is build error and why.
This build system simply gives over-bloated output of everything.
And it does not have real mechanism of informing user about cause of problem.

For example ask yourself if you can answer how many warnings happened during build?
Does build system allow you to see list of them? Who cares about warnings during Qt-build at all if library was finally build?

Is there mechanism to show list of all build errors? Or at least first build error?

Then you build many Qt modules can you easily tell how many were build successfully and how many failed?

All this questions user should understand by his own efforts. And in most cases this is quite hard if you are not Qt developer.

So I am not sure that telemetry is even on horizon of features of Qt build system.
Architects of Qt build system was not thinking about providing easy to understand output about how building was done.
They implemented Qt build system for themselves - for those who knows Qt build system very well.
And this provides far more inconveniences than absence of telemetry. And how someone can suggest to implement telemetry if
currently there is simply no mechanism to show list of warnings!

There is actually a way to create project for IDE which should build Qt. And IDE should do the job of showing list of warnings and errors.
But unfortunately this feature is not working ... I mean that I was never able to build Qt by this way while I was able to build with jom.
And who cares that this very helpful feature is not working!?

No ... Qt build system is far away from being friendly.
Why ... probably because Qt company does not feel that Qt-lib needs help from newcomers and so nobody cares that starting to be Qt developer is hard.
Yes, officially Qt company welcome everybody to help develop Qt. But in reality nothing was done to support such initiative of people. This should be solved first.

So finally : I think right now developer (at least like me) MOSTLY need to brining to life feature of generating good IDE project from configure step of Qt build.

As I understand Qt is tested on successful build every day. I think that similar test (that Qt can be build from generated IDE project) is also necessary.

For Windows - IDE is Visual Studio or QtCreator. Do not know what Qt developers use for other OSes

It is strange that I have never met instructions of how Qt-lib can be build from QtCreator. But I expect that all build instruction should explain that way first place!
Qt company developed its own IDE. IDE can be used to build any lib or app. Qt is libarary. Sooo ... QtCreator seems to be the best way to build Qt-lib (as this IDE is from same provider as Qt-lib itself)
What would also help those who use Qt-lib also become Qt developer and help Qt-lib to evolve. People would continue to work in same environment just by opening Qt-library project in same IDE.
Look reasonable? Looks intuitive? Yes!
But No. Not in this world. Page
does not have any word about "QtCreator" (even nothing about why Qt-lib can not be build with QtCreator)

And we are discussing telemetry in Qt build system!

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