[Interest] Qt 5.8.0 RC build under windows

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Sat Jan 21 11:00:28 CET 2017

Hello, Thiago.

> You do realise that those flags aren't supported and they may not compile,
> right? I see commits going past every now and then fixing build failures with
> those.

Fixing commits goes to any part of Qt. I do not know what to tell. If some part of Qt have many bugs then it probably has not enough tests.
Do you know if Qt have tests which checks if -no-feature-xxx flag breaks Qt build?

> The development mailing list is open to all and it has an archive. There's absolutely nothing hidden.

No. I am not about hiding. I am about subjectiveness. I never seen rules for naming something a feature in Qt.

> Still, you avoided the question.
No I do not. This is just my stylistics preference. I simply try to avoid to loose compatibility with older version of developer tools for nothing. Some times it plays bad role. This just from my experience.
From experience I feels better keep compatibility if this is possible (at least reason of loosing compatibility should be exactly known).
If this is some blur idea of "better behaviour" I vote for naming such update to be "feature" (which can be enabled/disabled for those who need it/avoid it).

> Why should we keep compatibility with older SDKs?

I do not think that problems with developer tools versions bite linux-oriented developers much. So have that in mind if you feels yourself closer to Linux world.
For example now Qt can not be build with vc2010. But later vc-compilers can not be run on XP. So now I can not build Qt apps on XP. And I meet a lot of XP machines.
Incompatible vc-compiler is not Qt's fault but MS. But as soon as MS has this tendency (push newer version of Windows with every possible way) ...
even in developer tools ... I vote for not loosing compatibility with older version of developer tools.
I do not know what tricky incompatibilities MS introduce in newer versions of WinSDK.

For example I do not understand : if c-compiler is simply a console app with 10's years history of development ... what so important it could need from WinVista so that it CAN NOT be run on older Windows?

> So why should we disable that?

I ask myself same question differently : why we lost compatibility?

>Someone added code to Qt that makes it behave better on Windows 10, without dropping compatibility with Windows 7 and 8.1.

We stick to your idea : "Someone added code to Qt that makes it behave better on Windows 10"
But what exactly this is about. What "better" behavior for desktop Qt was added? I did not found anything about that in documentation ... and I can not find what become "better" from code.

If we will find out eventually that nothing "better" was added to desktop Qt will you fix Win7SDK incompatibility?

It is also very suspicious for me that desktop app/lib needs to know something about WinRT part of Windows. And you OK with that?

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