[Interest] quick test does not log to standard output

Manner RĂ³bert rmanni at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 12:48:36 CET 2017


I am using "qmltestcase" to write some unit test for out application.
I have noticed that when I am checking the windows version with wine, it
does not show any output (if the tests have passed or failed).

I did sevaral trials to fix:
- CONFIG += console
- supplying the argument to the test runner "-o -,txt"
- installing my own message handler
But none of these seems to fix it.

Then I have noticed if I run the test with "wineconsole", the output
appears corrently. (In a newly openned terminal window.)

This point, it might be wine issue, but "pure" Qt unit tests does not
behave like this: they are outputting correctly no matter if they are
running with "wine" or "wineconsole".

Do you know if quick tests do some magic internally to detect if it can
print or not? (qmltestrunner seems to behave the same, so I doubt that the
problem is in my code.)

Thanks for any help/ideas in advance,

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