[Interest] Milo Code Database - kickstart your projects easily

Tomasz Siekierda sierdzio at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 09:14:07 CEST 2017

Hi Qt!

We've just released Milo Code Database: a set of small, useful helper classes
for Qt, easy to include and use - plus a scaffolding for new projects we call
the New Project Template. At Milo, we use them in many of our projects
to speed up development, and we figured they may be useful to the community
as well.

MCDB comes in 2 forms:

1. Installer - which helps to set up a new project in just a few seconds (with
scaffolding for Qt app, documentation, CI integration, versioning, config,
logger, and more). It can even set up a git repo and do the initial commit for
you :-)
2. Set of independent git repos, easy to clone / download / use as submodule.

So, what are the goodies?

* New project template - template for all new Qt projects (QML and Widgets).
Contains a scaffolding for Qt app with documentation, tests, resources etc.
* MScripts - scripts for integration with GitLab CI, Mattermost, versioning
scripts for all platforms (including git SHA), and more
* MConfig - a small class which helps storing user app settings and
* MLog - small but powerful log class, with full categorized logging support
* MRestAPI - handy set of base classes for talking with REST web servers
* MBarcodeScanner - small helper class that allows to scan barcodes and QR codes
using QZXing library
* MCharts - implements some simple yet meaningful and eye friendly charts to
display data
* MSentry - remote logger support (Sentry/ Raven). Easy to turn on and off, just
with a config switch
* MCrypto - AES module, containing simple and convenient API, based on OpenSSL
and it has a fallback if OSSL is not available


MIT. We are actually open to other licenses, too, if somebody thinks that MIT
is not proper in this case.

Where can I get it?

MCDB installers (Linux and Windows):
MCDB docs are available online:
And all submodules are listed and documented here:
Each module's source code is on GitHub: https://github.com/milosolutions


We're open to any comments, critique, pull requests etc. We can also help if
any piece of the documentation is unclear. It's all being constantly updated and
we're happy to get some external input.

Feel free to reach me at sierdzio at gmail.com or more officially at
ppm-qt at milosolutions.com


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