[Interest] Access to QT_OPENGL_BUGLIST by QWindowsOpenGLTester methods

Thomas Sevaldrud thomas at silentwings.no
Fri Sep 8 11:37:51 CEST 2017


I know that this question was up earlier this year on the list, but it
never got any answer that I could find, I'm sorry if I missed it...

Anyway, I need to access the OpenGL blacklist info, specifically I want to
see if ANGLE has been disabled before I try to create an ANGLE GL Context

In my application I am using the QCoreApplication attributes to control
which type of GL context is created, for example when I need an ANGLE

       QCoreApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_UseOpenGLES, true);

       QCoreApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_UseDesktopOpenGL, false);

       QCoreApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_UseSoftwareOpenGL, false);

These attributes seem to override the settings in the blacklist

Now, if ANGLE has specifically been disabled through the blacklist file, I
want to go straight for software opengl rendering instead.

If I had access to the static methods in QWindowsOpenGLTester I could check
this before setting the attributes. Is there a supported way to use this
class from my project, or is there another way to achieve the same?

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