[Interest] [Android-development] Qt for Android - Signed Debug Packages by QtCreator

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Wed Sep 13 17:55:44 CEST 2017

I filed a bug about this. Vote for it.

However the result for me was a debug package, just incorrectly named.

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> Subject: [Android-development] Qt for Android - Signed Debug Packages by QtCreator
> Hi,
> androiddeployqt with flag --sign passed by QtCreator makes
> release package and never debug package.
> Sometimes, there is a need to bug Qt Android software from QtCreator
> using a debug package that could work only if it is signed, i.e. when
> using Google's API
> where authentication uses signature of the app.
> Is where a way to workaround the current settings and make debugging
> from QtCreator by
> using singed debug app without brutal patching of androiddeployqt?
> Thank you in advance!
> Kind regards,
> Robert
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