[Interest] Issue with concurrent QNetworkRequests

Jani Tykka jtykka at broadsoft.com
Tue Sep 26 20:55:35 CEST 2017


I'd ask if the following issues would ring anyones bells, before I start
doing more deeper investigation and create test application to reproduce
the issue. Basically the issue in our application is reproduced following

1. Have 1 big download (https) 100MB (It uses own QNam instance)
 - file is being written from the data got from QNetworkReply::readyRead
2. During the download execute other requests (https) using different QNam

What is experienced that if during download other requests are executed the
data received from readyRead contains extra bytes in the middle of chunked
responses. It can be that the total file size received grows to 120MB.
Those extra bytes are always zeros.

If there are no other request executed at the same time the download will
always be successful. This issue is only reproducible on Windows, not on
MacOS. There is no code relation (other than inside Qt) on those modules
where concurrent requests are being made.

Any help or ideas on this are warmly welcome, thanks.


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