[Interest] strip: Customise Qt intaller, remove *.qt.io

Michael Corcoran michael.corcoran at outlook.com
Thu Sep 28 23:30:19 CEST 2017

Hi Christian,

I wonder if this is something you could achieve with a script that modifies behaviour of the official Qt installer? I have used it to automatically select desired components and install location before (https://github.com/d-ronin/dRonin/blob/next/make/scripts/qt-install.qs and running Qt installer with an extra flag: --script $(ROOT_DIR)/make/scripts/qt-install.qs, apologies in advance for lack of comments). Docs are reasonably good http://doc.qt.io/qtinstallerframework/. You'd have to dig through docs to see if you can change the source URLs etc.

Out of curiosity, which mirror does the Qt installer select for you? For me it chooses one in Japan, which is quite a long way away by internet thus very slow (e.g. ~100 kiB/s). I've often preferred to download Qt offline installers from a US West-coast mirror instead (Southern Cross Cable is the only big cable out of NZ, and goes direct to Australia and California).

Rather than a new mirror it might be sufficient to just alter the automatic selection to use California for New Zealand clients (I'm unsure how it works/how feasible that is)?

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> Hi there,
> I would like to customise the Qt installer, not only by adding new
> "resources", but i would like to disable some/most "*.qt.io"
> resources.
> The reason for removing qt.io are multiples:
> - From New Zealand, the Qt installer spends 5 to 10 minutes to fetch "*.qt.io"
> stuff, and i'm getting tired of it (blame NZ, unfortunately), and i think it is
> unacceptable for my potential users (co-workers).
> [...]
> PS: I have a Qt license, could this be useful on that topic?

Please also raise this with Qt Support then. Maybe we just have to add another mirror in the region then.


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