[Interest] Qt cross plattform installer, offline configuration

Bernhard Lindner private at bernhard-lindner.de
Mon Apr 16 18:19:18 CEST 2018


> How do you want to "remove the application" without any type of
> application? In its simplest format, that is what the maintenance
> tool does. You can also call in "uninstall" if that is all you want
> it to do.

Well, the installer itself should provide the function for
removal/uninstall. If the installer doesn't find an existing
installation it should provide Install operation only. If it finds an
existing installationen, it should provide uninstall operation. If it
finds an outdated installation it should provide Update operation.

I know Maintenance tool does this, however I would like to avoid the
installation of additional maintenance tool. I would prefer the old-
school way... implementing the maintenance and deplayoment features in
the installer and the application.

> In regards to 4, that is possible with the Installer Framework, but I
> remember this to be an undocumented feature. I suggest to check the
> source code for that, specifically where the update location /
> repository is specified. That can be a folder on your local disk.

So the Maintenance tool would take the application from the local disk?
Interesting idea.

But how to put the application to the disk after installer has been

Also the maintenance tool would still be installed (but with a useless
update function) wouldn't it?

> Rejecting to install into an existing directory is a default setting,
> I do not fully remember whether there is an option to disable that.

What a pitty. Anyway, how can an offline update work without that

Regards, Bernhard
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