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On 04/26/2018 09:21 AM, Jason H wrote:
> 1. Roland, can you not use a yellow background?
> 2. All the "real" computers are dead. Either you're bi-endian (PPC, 
> ARM) or little endian (x86), or extinct.
> 3. Network byte order, and that the dumps put the bytes in the right 
> orderĀ are the only arguement need to be made ;-). Otherwise you might 
> as well redefine web hex colors to be BGRA "Ain't no body got time for 
> that!"
Here are a few links for you. Keep in mind, I don't even like IBM, but 
their hardware still exists for a reason and the class now potentially 
getting dumbed down for hobby chip use was originally designed to 
communicate with these monsters.


The z13 mainframe, launched in January 2015, can process 2.5 billion transactions each day, the equivalent of 100 Cyber Mondays, according to IBM.


Linux on z is big-endian

And machine learning is providing even more avenues for "sensor" type 
devices with disposable chips running small Qt based applications to 
feed data back to these beasts.


There are an awful lot of "small" companies building stuff for this and 
the augmented reality market which need that class to stay as it is with 
support for Big-Endian. Tweak it to better support the disposable chip 
market and you will create another fork like the large medical device 
companies now maintaining their own forks of Qt 3 and Qt 4.8 because 
they were abandoned.

I actually like a quote from here: 

IBM z14 delivers 99.999 percent application availability and powerful
disaster recovery capabilities. Some client installations have run for
over a decade without a second of downtime!

Can't get that from hobby chips.

Roland Hughes, President
Logikal Solutions


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