[Interest] Qt3D Animation C++

Lawliet Arudjin lukadriel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 17:49:59 CEST 2018

 Hello everyone I am new on this mailing list. My name is Adriel and I am
currently studying programming.
I have recently started playing with the Qt Framework 3D Module.
I however was unable to find any good example for animation in C++ most of
them being in QML.
I am trying to apply an animation I imported from blender( simple cube
translation) using the Qt3d animation exporter blender plugin. I however
don't know how to handle it. I tried using a QAnimationClipLoader and a
QClipAnimator but to be honest I am going basically blind in this.
I tried asking on the forum without much success. I was then advised to
contact this mailing list.
Can anyone help me ?
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