[Interest] Geoposition and Ubuntu 18.04

roland at logikalsolutions.com roland at logikalsolutions.com
Mon Dec 10 14:25:30 CET 2018

Thank you Alex, but, Qt stopped compiling under C++11 with version  
5.11 and I haven't heard of that changing. Even if it had, I wouldn't  
want to mix and match. Getting the Geolocation in the data was a "nice  
to have" but not worth the massive gamble of mix-n-match plugins or  
changing Qt versions. All of the build infrastructure is in place for  
5.9.7, both the Debian package and the ISO. QA has been testing. We go  
live in 8 days or less.

If they really want something other than an empty column in the data  
stream, I can use one of the DBus example clients to directly connect  
to Geoclue2.

Quoting Alex Blasche <alexander.blasche at qt.io>:
> Indeed the GeoClue 2 plugin was added to 5.12. However it is a  
> plugin and the interfaces to plugins have not changed. You could  
> simply build the plugin (src/plugins/position/geoclue2/) in your  
> 5.9.x tree.

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