[Interest] need a QT 5.12.0 MinGW 32bit release for windows in all the upcoming QT versions

Alex Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Wed Dec 19 09:21:52 CET 2018

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> From: Interest <interest-bounces at qt-project.org> On Behalf Of Henry Skoglund
> Sent: Tuesday, 18 December 2018 19:26
> >> I think the point is not to switch, but to provide an additional
> >> build. I'm going to guess the requestors' argument is going to be
> >> that they still need to ship 32-bit applications for Windows, since
> >> they still have users with 32-bit Windows, despite running on a 64-bit CPU.

> Now about UWP. earlier this year Microsoft's Office Team ditched their UWP
> flavor of MS Office and now the Edge team has done the same (since Chromium
> will never be an UWP app). I bet you a beer with anyone having access to the
> download numbers of those 6 different UWP Qt 5.12 components, that the # of
> downloads for them has steadily decreased all of this year. Most likely UWP is
> heading to the same place in the sky where Silverlight etc. are. So I mean if the #
> of component slots in Maintenance Tool is a limiting factor, consider tossing the
> 3 MSVC-2015 UWP ones to make room for the MinGW 32-bit one.

You have a very good point here. We'll investigate the figures and come back here. Thank you.


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