[Interest] need a QT 5.12.0 MinGW 32bit release for windows in all the upcoming QT versions

Markus Maier markus.maier.sw at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 15:12:46 CET 2018

Am Mo., 17. Dez. 2018 um 08:37 Uhr schrieb Amr Kamal <amrkamal2025 at gmail.com>:
> when Downloading the last version of QT 5.12.0 it only provides MinGW 64bit for windows  which makes some problem with previous projects that used 32bit version especially if there is any kind of third-party library, at the same time the need of using one updated version from QT, because of that the only solution now, is to compile it with MinGW 32bit which takes a very long time, need a lot of dependencies, and most of the users can't do this, or using old versions of QT.
> so please consider this suggestion in the next version, as it's very needed one it's great to have a 64bit version but 32 is very good working on all platforms.

Is there any actual reason why you can't use the prebuilt MSVC
binaries for MSVC 2017? I have had far more issues with MinGW than
with MSVC in the past, and MSVC 2017 (version 15.9) is IMHO the far
superior compiler, compared to MinGW: Build speed, application
performance and system library support are much better in my case, not
to forget the "native" pdb debug files which are needed for a few
other debugging tools which you don't want to miss (ETW, profilers,
post-mortem debugging, ...).
IANAL, but the express version
https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/de/vs/express/ which still exists
for VS2017 should be OK even for commercial use cases?

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