[Interest] Integrate crypto in Qt project

Christophe Thomas oxygen77.ct at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 19:00:58 CET 2018


I'm working on a projects that needs to integrate following crypto
- validate signature
- compute hash ==> I found QCryptographiqueHash
- manage certificate ==> I found QSslCertificate
- do some decryption/encryption using blowfish ==> I found some simple C++
implementation that I've added to my project

So I'm blocked on the first subject. I have to admit that I'm not mastering
crypto subjects. What I understand:
- I have 3 data:
* a signature => (I only have 2 data named R & S)
* a hash of data (SHA1)
* a public key (p, g, g, y=pub data)
- I should use DSA
- I will get a Correct / Not Correct answer

Any hint on what to use? dive into openssl api ? use QCA project (
https://github.com/highfidelity/qca) ?

Thank you

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